Mercado del Río is divided into four specialties that compose the gastronomic worlds and you travel through an exquisite culinary experience. Molienda (Coffee), Dulce Encanto (sweet charms), Piqueo (Savoury specialties) and Copas y Vasos (Drinks). Our spaces and restaurants are created for you to live the best #Maridajedevida (life gastronomic pairing for its Spanish meaning)

#Maridajedevida=GASTRONOMY (variety, quality, service) + DRINKS (wine and beer at an honest price) + FRIENDS (share) + EXPERIENCES (live the most memorable moments)

Cups and Glasses

“He who came to the world, and does not drink wine. So what did he come for?” Bernardo Piuma”

Seeking to create the possibility for people to pair their food at fair prices, we created Enoteca and Cervecería del Río, two specialized spaces where we democratize wine and beer. In Mercado del Río you can find wines of the highest quality and beers of the world at a fair price, similar to supermarket prices and best of all, you can enjoy them anywhere in the Market without the need to consume them on the same place where you bought them; With your glass of wine or your favorite beer you can go through the Market and achieve the perfect match with the food of your choice.

Find also a variety of cocktails and drinks with liquor at Sinko Bar and La Charcutería del Río.

SINKO bar is not just a bar, it is a gathering of friends around good food, excellent drinks and a perfect musical selection for every moment of the day, it is a tribute to friendship.
Inspired by the best gastrobars of the big cities, a place of multiple environments to recreate what is called life, a special point in the city of Medellin to enjoy, meet, eat, relax, work, make friends, celebrate, talk, flirt, toast, nourish the soul and, above all, stimulate the Sinko (five in Spanish) senses.
If you visit Medellin, it is a must see how the Paisas celebrate their best value, the hospitality, we recommend booking.

Sinko bar is located on the first floor of Mercado Del Rio with its cocktail bar, and on the second floor with all its gastronomic offer.
Locate SINKO BAR on our virtual map Floor 1 Local 20
Locate SINKO MARKET on our virtual map Floor 2 Local 50/51



“El amor es tan importante como la comida, pero no alimenta” Gabriel García Marquez

With a wide range of desserts for your choice, the Market is designed to make you live the sweetest moments, with 7 different dessert and delights options for you to start or end your culinary journey. Juices, fruit salads, artisanal ice creams, pastries, typical desserts among other options make your visit to the Market a delicious and pleasant experience.



“La vida es incierta, comete el postre primero” Ernestine Ulmer

Con gran oferta de postres para tu elección, el Mercado está pensado para hacerte vivir los momentos más dulces, con 7 diferentes opciones de postres y delicias para que inicies o finalices tu paseo culinario. Jugos, ensaladas de frutas, helados artesanales, repostería, postres típicos entre otras opciones hacen de tu visita al Mercado una deliciosa y placentera experiencia.



“Me gusta el olor que tiene la mañana, me gusta el primer traguito de café” Jorge Celedón.

Thinking of a multipurpose place we defined that the Market should open early, to meet the needs of workers in the area at breakfast time, home officers, executives seeking meeting spaces, etc. All this could only be complete with delicious coffee, we have excellent options to choose from. Café Amor Perfecto with its coffee bar specialized for coffee lovers, Al Alma with its category coffee and artisan bakery and Pastelitos with the traditional puff pastry cakes. In the Market we will be waiting for you early to take advantage of the day and start it with your right foot..