MERCADOS GASTRONOMICOS S.A.S was founded in December 2015 by the alliance between the company ARMADA S.A.S and an investment fund formed by an excellent group of friends.

ARMADA S.A.S, is a real estate development Company, with more than 20 years of experience in the development of commercial centers and mixed-use buildings, nationally as internationally; the investment fund was formed between college friends through the identification of common interests and situations, the desire of investment and the vision of entrepreneurship.

In September 2015, the alliance was formalized, and the concept and location study were carried out by ARMADA S.A.S. where the city of Medellín was the starting point, in accordance with this, the search for the perfect location begins, identifying the intersection of 24th Street with Carrera 48 (corner) as the ideal place to carry out the first market of the company, which should be a city icon.

In January 2016 the construction of the first gastronomic market in Colombia began in the city of Medellín, and it was contracted with the Mexican company 4S RETAIL GROUP, a leading company in Latin America in the real estate market, with experience in developing food markets in Mexico, for the accompaniment in the creation of naming, logo, corporate image and conceptualization of the future brand.

In the same month, the marketing area began its functions, with the aim of making the necessary alliances with the municipal institutions and associations that move around tourism and the development of the city, today we have direct connections with: Cluster of Tourism of Medellín, Department of Economic Development, Department of Tourism, Department of Government, Propaís, Procolombia, among many others.

This is how MERCADO DEL RIO, the first gastronomic market in Colombia, opened its doors on October 25, 2016 and how it has introduced to the city the concept of life pairing: gastronomy, wine and beer at an honest price. Friends and experience.

By July 2018, the second Mercado del Río was opened in the Milla de Oro of Medellín. A new space that came to offer inspiring and new gastronomic options and entertainment to the most vibrant zone of the city.


To be a gastronomic space of the city, which offers an unforgettable culinary experience. Delighting the senses through a journey full of smells, tastes and pleasant sensations, in an informal atmosphere, with a spectacular design, which invites to SHARE AND SOCIALIZE, favoring the interaction between chefs, food and people, under informal models in which the kitchen in sight is a main attractive, the short dishes to share, the wine and a wide range of beers from Colombia and the world.

To be the perfect LIFE PAIRING option for all audiences, with 37 gourmet proposals and an offer of wines and beer at a fair price. We innovate in happiness; proposing the food and beverage pairing as a fashion and a way of social interaction, we generate a space for quality entertainment, with impact on the city, and we fulfill the premise that gastronomy is a cultural reference of a society.


Gastronomic Markets S.A.S will be the first company specialized in the development and operation of gastronomic markets in Colombia and Latin America, with development of spaces through its own investment or third parties. In 2018 it will be the leading company in high quality entertainment, based on the LIFE PAIRING, in medium-sized formats. Achieving in 2019 having the first gastronomic market outside the country